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Sexvoltz Overview

For men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, whether due to stress, illness or age, there are a number of options available, including the Drug medication Viagra. However, there are many men who either do not want to take a Drug or who simply want to support their sexual performance and for these reasons, a product such as Sexvoltz may be more suitable. Sexvoltz is said to ‘Electrify’ the sex life and is sold through the official Sexvoltz website. As with Viagra, it is designed to be taken only before sexual activity and will start working within 30-45 minutes, and last up to 72 hours. The site includes a number of customer testimonials plus FAQ section and there is a secure ordering section.

The consumer can choose to purchase a full bottle of Sexvoltz at a cost of $36.99, 2 capsules for $12.99 or just a single capsule for $6.99. The manufacturer states that the product is 100% guaranteed although no details of a returns policy are shown.

Sexvoltz Product Description

Sexvoltz contains many natural extracts that are commonly used in this type of product. Particularly of note are L-Arginine, a precursor to Nitric Oxide that relaxes blood vessels to allow for a greater flow of blood to the penis, Ginseng, to support energy levels, Yohimbe, that may improve sexual desire, Ginger which acts as a stimulant and Saw Palmetto which can improve overall health and support the prostate. While there are no ingredient amounts shown, the formula is said to be ‘award-winning’ and it should not cause any adverse side effects.

In addition to creating a more erect penis, Sexvoltz is designed to also improve the intensity of the orgasm and reduce recovery time between orgasms.

Good About Sexvoltz

  • It is available in a variety of package sizes
  • Sexvoltz is fast-acting
  • Customer testimonials are shown
  • The formula contains L-Arginine
  • The formula is all-natural

Bad About Sexvoltz

  • No clinical trials are cited
  • No manufacturer details are provided
  • Yohimbe may not be suitable for all men

Sexvoltz the Bottom Line

It is tempting to buy products such as Sexvoltz as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, a distressing and frustrating problem, but unfortunately, it is unlikely to work for severe cases as well as a Drug medication. The L-Arginine should indeed help support blood flow, which, at the most, will help produce a firmer erect penis. Fortunately, because Sexvoltz is available in a single size, the consumer can try the product with very little financial risk.